New Mexico Utility Introduces Electric Vehicles to Fleet

Public Service Co. of New Mexico adds several electric vehicles to its fleet.

$7M Maine Solar Farm Brings Power to Commercial Customers

A new solar farm in Maine will produce 8 million kilowatt-hours to power six commercial customers.

Consumers Energy and Swisslane Farms Partner to Deliver RNG

Consumers Energy and Swisslane Farms are developing RNG to deliver to Michigan customers.

Heath Releases RMLD Complete Solution (RMLD-CS)


Heath announces that the RMLD-CS has successfully completed the certification process to achieve the Intrinsic Safety (IS) rating of Class I, Division II.

GF’s New Thermoplastic Butterfly Valve Improves Performance


The GF 565 Butterfly Valve provides higher reliability, lighter weight and cost-effectiveness over metal valves in water treatment and other applications.

Discover Advanced Mobile Leak Detection (AMLD)


Heath’s Discover AMLD will reduce methane emissions through the identification of gas leaks with minimum false positives and negatives compared to competing technologies.

Sonix IQ Delivers Smart Safety Features to Gas Utilities


The Sonix IQ residential gas meter by Sensus is compact, lightweight and scalable for ease of installation.

Recent Study Shows Electric Utilities Increasingly Off Track Against Climate Targets

A recent study shows that many electric utilities are behind on climate goals.

Community System Offers Alternative Paths for Solar Growth

A Minneapolis community is taking part in a community solar project.

Consumers Energy to Add Clean Energy from 3 Solar Projects

Consumers Energy plans to add three solar projects to power nearly 190,000 homes in Michigan.

OleumTech Electromagnetic Flow Meter

OleumTech launched an electromagnetic flow meter to its product lineup.

New Honeywell Gas Detection Solutions Offer Advanced Monitoring For Leaks In Inclement Weather


Honeywell releases two new Bluetooth-connected gas detectors that can deliver continuous monitoring for dangerous gases even in fog, rain, snow and other inclement weather, helping facilities keep their oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and other workers and industrial sites safe. ..

Heath Releases New Mobile Survey Instrument


The DP-IR+ is the latest generation of leak survey instruments from Heath that will greatly improve the productivity and safety of a walking/ mobile survey because of high sensitivity and fast response. It is an extremely sensitive, advanced leak detector c..

NIPSCO Starts Work On 2 New Solar Farms in NW Indiana

Work has begun on two new solar farms in northwest Indiana.

100,000-Panel Solar Farm Near Approval in Central Illinois

WASHBURN, Ill. (AP) — A solar energy project proposed in central Illinois would use some 100,000 solar panels and have the capacity to power the equivalent of 10,000 homes, officials say. The 35-megawatt project would be located on a 223-acre site just north of Washburn, northeast of Peoria. It’s i..

Critics Question Utility’s Bitcoin-Mining Data Center

Ameren is under criticism for its cryptocurrency data mining center in Missouri.

$4.5B Clean Energy Complex Planned for Southeast Louisiana

An industrial gas supplier announced plans to build a $4.5 billion clean energy facility in Louisiana.

Consumers Energy Breaks Ground on a New Natural Gas Training Facility

Consumers Energy broke ground on a new natural gas training facility in Flint, Michigan.

WVa Regulators OK Continued Operation of 3 Power Plants

Regulators in West Virginia have approved operations for three power plants until at least 2040.

Pattern Energy Begins Operations at Phoenix Solar Power Facility in Texas

A new solar power facility will begin operations to produce clean power for over 20,000 homes in Fannin County, Texas.

RMLD Complete Solution Completes Certification for IS


The RMLD-CS hand-held remote detection completed the certification process for Intrinsic Safety.

Heath Releases Gasurveyor 700 Multi-Gas Detectors


Health Consultants introduces its latest gasurveyor 700 multi-gas detectors.

Vermeer Introduces the VXT300 Truck Vac


Vermeer expanded its excavator line with the new VXT300 truck vac to the company's lineup.

New Fire Retardant Can Help Prevent and Fight Wildfires

An improved fire retardant has been approved by the U.S. Forest Service to help prevent wildfires.

SoCalGas Tests Hydrogen Blending in Real-World Infrastructure and Appliances

Southern California Gas Co. announced that the company is blending hydrogen to fuel a household system and appliances.

SRP to Partner in Large Solar Plant in Arizona

A power utility in Arizona is building a solar plant near Flagstaff, AZ.A

Ørsted and Williams Partner for Clean Energy Opportunities

Ørsted and Williams sign an agreement to work on clean energy projects in the U.S.

Field Gauge LC20 Line of Pressure Gauges Increases Accuracy and Customization


Ralston Instruments released a new line of pressure gauges that have an increase in accuracy and customizations along with a wireless option.

Sensor Networks' New Device Measures Wall Thickness of High-Temperature Surfaces


The SensorScan DHT-400 Ultrasonic Transducer is a multi-surface measurement tool to detect wall thickness.

Energas Will Supply Turnkey Natural Gas Power Plant


Energas Technologies will conduct a turnkey project in South Africa with the installation of several new technologies to save on gas bills.