Indiana Utility Dealing With 6-month Shutdown of Power Plant

A natural gas plant has been offline for 6 months due to equipment troubles.

New Mexico Governor Thanks Oil and Gas, Cheers Hydrogen Plan

The governor of New Mexico shows support for the transition from natural gas to hydrogen in the state.

Severe Storm Left More Than 154,000 Michigan Customers Without Power

Crews are working to restore power to thousands of Michigan residents after a severe storm on Aug. 7.

Hurricane Ida Turns Spotlight on Louisiana Power Grid Issues

Hurricane Ida has made a significant impact on the Louisiana power grid and has caused widespread outages that are receiving criticism.

New Mexico Panel Considers Future of Coal-Fired Power Plant

The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission will determine whether or not a utility will be able to transfer its share of a coal plant to another utility company.

Old Alabama Smokestacks Topple to Pave Way for Cleaner Fuels

Six smokestacks were knocked down at an Alabama power plant to move away from coal and convert to cleaner fuel sources.

Gas Plant in North Dakota to be Redeveloped for Clean Energy

A North Dakota gas plant will undergo redevelopment to transition into clean energy.

North Dakota Gas Plant Undergoes Redevelopment for Clean Energy

A gas plant in North Dakota will go under redevelopment to produce renewable energy.

Tennessee Valley Authority Knocks Down Johnsonville Coal Plant

A 1950s era coal plant was destroyed in Tennessee to replace it with new energy technologies.

New Mexico Seeks Ideas for Restoration from a 2015 Mine Spill

Officials in New Mexico are seeking ways to repair damage caused by a 2015 Mine Spill.

Tennessee Valley Authority Considers Replacing Coal with Gas

A public utility proposes to shut down some of its coal plants to switch to natural gas.

CenterPoint Seeks Approval to Convert Power Plant to Gas

CenterPoint asks regulators to approve changing a coal plant to natural gas in Indiana.

Consumers Energy Announces Plan to End Coal Use by 2025

Consumers Energy proposes a plan to stop coal use by 2025 and replace it with natural gas and other cleaner energy sources.

Florida Utility Knocks Down its Last Coal Chimney

Florida Power & Light topples its last coal stack and will be converting the area to cleaner energy.

Repair Costs for Aspen Gas Line Sabotage Reach $1.4 Million

Repair costs for a sabotaged Colorado gas line reach $1.4 million in repairs.

Duke Energy Installs Nearly 2M Smart Meters in Florida

Duke Energy reaches a new milestone of installing nearly 2 million smart meters which give customers more control over their usage.

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Proposes Aging Infrastructure Upgrades

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania has proposed infrastructure upgrades to its underground natural gas distribution pipelines.

Repair Work to Begin on Phoenix Bridge Damaged by Gas Fire

Repair work will begin soon on a bridge Phoenix that was damaged by a gas fire last month.

Enbridge to Begin Line 3 Replacement Project

Enbridge has received all permits and approvals needed to begin the company's Line 3 Replacement Project.

Consumers Energy's Application for Natural Gas Pipeline Approved

Consumers Energy’s has been approved to build a wider natural gas pipeline to replace the existing line that is beginning to erode.

Consumers Energy Completes Four-Year Saginaw Trail Pipeline Project


Consumers Energy completed the construction of the Saginaw Trail Pipeline to upgrade 90 miles of natural gas pipelines and infrastructure in Michigan.

CenterPoint Energy Files Recovery After 7-Year Pipeline Project Completion

Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Co. filed a request with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission for investment recovery made within its southwestern Indiana natural gas service territory.

Kansas Gas Service Upgrades Gas Pipelines in Junction City

Kansas Gas Service will be replacing natural gas distribution pipelines in Junction City, Kansas, beginning this month.