SRP to Partner in Large Solar Plant in Arizona

A power utility in Arizona is building a solar plant near Flagstaff, AZ.A

Duke Energy Announces a New Wind Energy Project in Iowa

Duke Energy announces a new solar power project in Iowa.

Dominion to Partner on Solar Project in Virginia Coalfields

Dominion Energy is working on a project to convert coalfields into solar.

Minnesota Defers OK for Permit Linked to ND Power Plant Deal

Minnesota regulators are requiring more information for a permit transfer of a coal-fired power plant.

Liquified Natural Gas Project Misses Permit Deadlines

Questions arise about whether an LNG project in Oregon will continue after missed permit deadlines.

PowerSecure Partners with Endeavour to Scale Sustainable Power Infrastructure

PowerSecure and Endeavour partner on new technologies to improve power grid resiliency.

Northeast Utility Selects NV5 for $16 Million LNG Upgrade

Northeast Utility partners with NV5 for a $16 million LNG infrastructure upgrade.

Tennessee Valley Authority Knocks Down Johnsonville Coal Plant

A 1950s era coal plant was destroyed in Tennessee to replace it with new energy technologies.

Entergy Plans Hydrogen Generation Facility in Texas

Entergy Texas seeks approval for a hydrogen generation facility in Southeast Texas.

SoCalGas Aims to Advance Hydrogen Technologies Through its Program "Earthshot"

Southern California Gas Co. submitted its hydrogen program to the U.S. Department of Energy to help kickstart its hydrogen innovations.

Xcel Energy Drops Plan for Minnesota Gas Power Plant

Xcel Energy ended plans for a natural gas plant in Becker due to push back from environmental and clean energy groups.

Southwest Gas Begins RNG Projects to Provide Clean Energy to Customers

Southwest Gas introduces five renewable natural gas projects to work toward clean energy goals.

US Appeals Court Ruling Setback for St. Louis-Area Pipeline

A federal court struck down the approval of a 65-mile natural gas pipeline.

Duke Energy Begins Construction on Largest Solar Plant in Surry County, N.C.

Duke Energy begins work on its largest planned solar plant in North Carolina.

Regulators Approve 195-megawatt Solar Farm for Central Indiana

Indiana state regulators approved a request to build a solar farm that could power more than 30,000 homes.

Prysmian Group Awards $900M for a Clean Energy Transition Project

Two companies partner on a transmission project that will provide affordable clean energy to customers.

TECO Peoples Gas and Alliance Diaries Partnering to Bring Florida RNG

TECO Peoples Gas and Alliance Diaries collaborate to build and operate a renewable natural gas facility in Florida.

Eversource Expands Natural Gas System in Connecticut

Eversource invests $4 million to expand its gas distribution system in Norwalk.

NorthWestern Energy Replacing Natural Gas Line West of Butte

NorthWestern Energy is replacing 15.6 miles of natural gas pipeline in Montana.

WSSC Water Commissioners Approve Contract with Washington Gas to Advance Innovative Piscataway Bioenergy Project

Washington Gas was approved for an 18-year contract to install natural gas infrastructure.

Natural Gas Terminal Plans in Oregon on Pause

A liquified natural gas pipeline is on pause after Oregon officials reversed two of its permits.

ONE Gas and Vanguard Renewables Partner to Develop RNG Solutions

ONE Gas and Vanguard Renewables collaborate on a renewable natural gas initiative.

Enbridge Partners with Walker Industries and Comcor Environmental to Develop Renewable Natural Gas Projects Across Canada

Companies partner to bring renewable natural gas to several areas across Canada.

Ameren Illinois Continues Modernization of Natural Gas System

Ameren Illinois is modernizing its natural gas delivery infrastructure in Macoupin County.

Nicor Gas Announces Plan to Support the Conservation of 10,000 Acres of Open Space

Nicor Gas has developed a plan to support 10,000 acres open space within its service area.

Municipalities Sign Agreement for Natural Gas Services in Canada

Municipalities in rural Canada are expanding their natural gas services to provide up to 13,000 potential new customers.

Montana Utility to Build $250M Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant

Montana Utility to Build $250M Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant

Utility Fined $900K for Gas Pipeline Violations

Regulators in Indiana fined CenterPoint for pipeline violations.

Conflict Continues Over Gas Pipeline in the Northeast

A natural gas pipeline to stretch from New Jersey to New York is battling regulatory issues to begin work on the project.

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Proposes Aging Infrastructure Upgrades

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania has proposed infrastructure upgrades to its underground natural gas distribution pipelines.

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