New Mexico tribes concerned over power line construction

Indigenous leaders in New Mexico are concerned about a proposed transmission line that would cross sacred lands.

Consumers Energy to Add Clean Energy from 3 Solar Projects

Consumers Energy plans to add three solar projects to power nearly 190,000 homes in Michigan.

Natural Gas Pipeline Route Chosen in South Carolina

A natural gas company in South Carolina has chosen a route for a high-pressure pipeline.

ISCO Unveils Massive Expansion in Louisville

ISCO Industries is expanding the company's Riverport plant in Louisville, Kentucky.

NIPSCO Starts Work On 2 New Solar Farms in NW Indiana

Work has begun on two new solar farms in northwest Indiana.

100,000-Panel Solar Farm Near Approval in Central Illinois

WASHBURN, Ill. (AP) — A solar energy project proposed in central Illinois would use some 100,000 solar panels and have the capacity to power the equivalent of 10,000 homes, officials say. The 35-megawatt project would be located on a 223-acre site just north of Washburn, northeast of Peoria. It’s i..

Mainers Have Their Say on $1B Electric Transmission Line

Voters in Maine are weighing in on a 145-mile conduit for Canadian hydropower.

Power Line Campaign is Most Expensive in Maine History

The cost of a Maine power line campaign has surpassed any other campaign in the state's history.

CenterPoint Approved to Acquire Posey County Solar Project

CenterPoint has received approval to acquire a 300-megawatt solar project in Indiana.

High Court Rejects Gas Company’s Pipeline Stay Request

Chief Justice John Roberts rejected a Supreme Court stay request from Spire to keep operating its pipeline.

Plans Released for A $2.8B North Dakota Gas Plant

A Canadian company announced plans for a natural gas plant in North Dakota.

Natural Gas Pipeline Project Sues Landowners for Easements

Northern Natural Gas Co. has negotiated easements for most landowners affected by its pipeline project after suing some in court.

Work Starting On 13,000-Acre Solar Farm in Northern Indiana

A solar farm is set to be built in Northern Indiana.

$4.5B Clean Energy Complex Planned for Southeast Louisiana

An industrial gas supplier announced plans to build a $4.5 billion clean energy facility in Louisiana.

Trees Cleared to Pave Way for Proposed Maine Power Line Route

A Maine power line project awaits approval as workers continue to clear the path for the project.

New Mexico Governor Thanks Oil and Gas, Cheers Hydrogen Plan

The governor of New Mexico shows support for the transition from natural gas to hydrogen in the state.

SoCalGas Tests Hydrogen Blending in Real-World Infrastructure and Appliances

Southern California Gas Co. announced that the company is blending hydrogen to fuel a household system and appliances.

SRP to Partner in Large Solar Plant in Arizona

A power utility in Arizona is building a solar plant near Flagstaff, AZ.A

Duke Energy Announces a New Wind Energy Project in Iowa

Duke Energy announces a new solar power project in Iowa.

Dominion to Partner on Solar Project in Virginia Coalfields

Dominion Energy is working on a project to convert coalfields into solar.

Minnesota Defers OK for Permit Linked to ND Power Plant Deal

Minnesota regulators are requiring more information for a permit transfer of a coal-fired power plant.

Liquified Natural Gas Project Misses Permit Deadlines

Questions arise about whether an LNG project in Oregon will continue after missed permit deadlines.

PowerSecure Partners with Endeavour to Scale Sustainable Power Infrastructure

PowerSecure and Endeavour partner on new technologies to improve power grid resiliency.

Northeast Utility Selects NV5 for $16 Million LNG Upgrade

Northeast Utility partners with NV5 for a $16 million LNG infrastructure upgrade.

Tennessee Valley Authority Knocks Down Johnsonville Coal Plant

A 1950s era coal plant was destroyed in Tennessee to replace it with new energy technologies.

Entergy Plans Hydrogen Generation Facility in Texas

Entergy Texas seeks approval for a hydrogen generation facility in Southeast Texas.

SoCalGas Aims to Advance Hydrogen Technologies Through its Program "Earthshot"

Southern California Gas Co. submitted its hydrogen program to the U.S. Department of Energy to help kickstart its hydrogen innovations.

Xcel Energy Drops Plan for Minnesota Gas Power Plant

Xcel Energy ended plans for a natural gas plant in Becker due to push back from environmental and clean energy groups.

Southwest Gas Begins RNG Projects to Provide Clean Energy to Customers

Southwest Gas introduces five renewable natural gas projects to work toward clean energy goals.

US Appeals Court Ruling Setback for St. Louis-Area Pipeline

A federal court struck down the approval of a 65-mile natural gas pipeline.

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