Spire Exec Defends Email Warning of Possible Gas Outages

An email send to Spire customers warning of possible natural gas outages causes concern.

Utility Shuts Down Gas Main Due to Shifting Ground

A utility in Michigan shut down a gas main due to ground shifting beneath the pavement.

Hurricane Ida Turns Spotlight on Louisiana Power Grid Issues

Hurricane Ida has made a significant impact on the Louisiana power grid and has caused widespread outages that are receiving criticism.

Heat Wave Causes Rolling Blackouts for Parts of US Northwest

A record-breaking heatwave in the Northwest U.S. is prompting rolling blackouts for Spokane, Washington residents.

EIA Expects Less Natural Gas Power Generation as a Result of Rising Fuel Costs

The EIA predicts that natural gas generation will decrease by 8% in 2021.

Duke Energy Adopts Trellis Platform to Better Track Energy Needs for Industrial Customers

Trellis Energy and North Carolina-based Duke Energy have merged into one platform to aid large-volume natural gas customers to better manage energy needs.